Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tales from graduate school

Well, here I am at school...and with you all. How am I doing it? I am doing it by way of distance learning and learning management tools, such as Blackboard.

I tried to start earlier by reading ahead, but I inadvertently bought the wrong book. Many titles by giants in particular areas look si milar or have similarities in titles, authors or groups of authors. Moral of the story: get the ISBN. When you have the ISBN, you'll never, ever buy the wrong book (90% of the time).

For the most part, I'm enjoying myself. I've upgraded my laptop and as a result, I'm having fun today moving some files from the old one via Belkin's Easy Transfer cable. I'll update you on that once I get it done.

I'm looking forward to using more collaboration tools in Blackboard as well as other tools such as Skype to work with my group. If nothing else, this course will help me learn more about online collaboration.

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