Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tweet, twitter...what?

If you're overcome by anxiety because you don't know what those two words mean, they refer to one of the most talked about internet tools right now...Twitter. There's even a really great YouTube video on how Twitter works called "Twitter in Plain English".

Many folks with blogs, such as yours truly, also maintain Twitter feeds, which allow posts of 140 characters or less. Distilling posts down to 140 characters can be tricky, though. Since I don't own an iPhone and since I don't always have wifi access for my Palm, I'm currently staying out of the Twitter realm for this blog. Frankly, my day-to-day life may be exciting, but some of my stuff I can't tell you. It's five letters and starts with an H----...and it's not HORSE, but rather HIPAA.

The good folks at Clinical Cases and Images, though, are right in the fray. Here are a few of their thoughts on what's going on with medical blogging and Twitter.

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